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With the recent popularity of craft beer nationwide, it is imperative that customers get the quality product they expect and deserve.  The Clean Beer Initiative's mission is to ensure that each establishment can provide customers with a fresh, delicious beer...just as the brewers intended.  Our goal is to set the standard for beer line cleaning in WNY.

We consistently follow the guidelines set forth by the Brewers Association to ensure your draft system is performing at full potential.

We prefer to use re-circulation electric pumps for every job possible.  The re-circulation cleaning process is proven to be up to 80 times more effective than static or pot cleaning.  All draft systems are different, which in rare occasions may force us to do static cleaning. To see our specific procedures, go to pages 51-59 in the Brewers Association Manual.​

Although our cleaning process takes a little more can have the confidence that you are receiving the most comprehensive cleaning possible.  You will save money by getting the most out of your keg and welcome repeat customers.


If you want peek performance and maximum profits out of your draft system, contact us today!

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