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We rolled out our "Certified Clean" Program in January 2018.
Eligibility/Criteria for our "Certified Clean Program" includes:


- The Standard Cleaning described on our Service page - but guaranteed 26 times in the year (every 2 weeks)

- Business owners take all recommendations into consideration to keep their draft system in the best possible condition.

- You will recognize these establishments in WNY because a "Certified Clean Draft System" sticker, as seen above will visible upon entrance into the establishment. 

The Certified Clean program is an effort to showcase our clients that have their system cleaned every two weeks.  These are the establishments that the consumer can go and order a pint with confidence every time.  Basically, we want the consumer to know we were there, and also to know that the owners of these establishments are putting in the effort in maintaining a quality product!

Current Certified Clean Establishments

-42 North Brewing Company                         -Leo's Pizzeria Orchard Park

-Buffalo Cider Hall                                     -Leo's Pizzeria East Aurora

-Butera's Craft Beer and Craft Pizza                -KO Bar & Grill               

-Riley Street Station                                   -Brewed & Bottled

-Ebenezer Ale House                                   -The Hop Shop in Lewiston

-The Pour House                                        -Ballyhoo

-World of Beer                                          -Lucky Day Whiskey Bar           

-Acapulco Mexican Restaurant                     


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